Bulk SMS Gateway

Bulk SMS Gateway

Bulk SMS Gateway for Businesses

txtNation provide leading Bulk SMS Gateway services for businesses worldwide.

From small and medium sized business to large, our SMS business solutions will transform your communication - by informing your customers and suppliers of time critical information via SMS messaging.

Using Bulk SMS platform, we can improve not just your communications but also siding mission important messaging across multiple markets and multiple distribution channels.

Our Bulk SMS Gateway enables all with access to a web-based Control Panel where real time reporting can be visible, including: 

• Inbound and outbound requests
• Real time account balance and summaries inc. how many SMS message per route are left 

Connect to our Bulk SMS Gateway, see the results

Our Bulk SMS Gateway API advantages include:

• Our range of SMS APIs are easy to understand and provide high throughput HTTP, SMPP, SMTP, FTP and XML API options
• High level SLA and reporting
• One API connection, multiple markets

We connect to mobile network operators worldwide meaning less leakage and more reliability for you the service provider. Maintain a direct link of communication with your customers in the most effective and economical way possible and turbo charge your business with our Bulk SMS Gateway Software

To learn more about our Bulk SMS Gateway, contact us.