Direct Operator Billing

Direct Operator Billing

Direct Operator Billing

Think of the phrase Direct Operator Billing and you know you have heard it before. What does it mean and what is different about Direct Billing than other mobile billing options? 

Research shows that even whilst operator storefronts and portals was said to have contributed less than 8% of the estimated 56 billion app downloads in 2012, the introduction of Direct Operator Billing solutions on third-party storefronts, mobile websites and implemented in pre-load content still enabled mobile operators to handsomely increase their content revenues, and allowed app developers to sell their content more freely and successfully on a global stage. 

Put simply, enabling consumers to pay for content and services directly on the mobile is vital to that success. 

Our flagship, Direct Billing platform supports the following IP / API related connections: 

• HTTP and SMPP Direct Billing API's.
• Real time statistics available online for live transactions.

Direct Operator Billing across multiple markets

Enabling Direct Operator Billing could not be easier than with txtNation. txtNation have a clear set up and deployment process in place for merchants looking to accept mobile payments in-app or on the mobile web - worldwide. txtNation enable business worldwide to tap into the power of DOB from our range of connectivity options, including our core Direct Operator Billing API. 

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