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mobile payment

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Setting up your Mobile Payment options could not be easier. With all the competing Mobile Payment options in the marketplace it can be confusing on what option is best for your type of services. txtNation can help and advise you on this, every step of the way.

What are the different types of Mobile Payment options?

The main Mobile Payment options (more commonly known) are:

• Premium SMS
• WAP Billing
• Direct Operator Billing
• In-App Billing
• NFC - to Credit Card Billing *

* txtNation do not provide this form of Mobile Payment.

What type of Mobile Payment is best

Depending on what your service is, the best type of Mobile Payment can be introduced for your requirements.

From setting up a 'one-click' mobile payment flow for in-app billing, to Premium SMS subscription services, txtNation provide the connectivity, leveraging our connections from the mobile networks.

What is best is dependent upon the price, the type of service, the market and frequency of billing. All these factors will get put into the mix and txtNation can advise on which is best for your requirements.

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