Mobile Payments

mobile payment

Mobile Payments made easy

Mobile Payments can be setup via a range of API connection's or using the txtNation pre-built platform or solutions. Choose from Premium SMS, Direct Billing or WAP Billing to incorporate into your services.

Never before has accepting Mobile Payments come in such a range of options across the mobile device. Market coverage is second to none, we provide mobile payments in over 80 countries.

Advantages of using txtNation for your Mobile Payments:

• Choose from Direct Billing or Premium SMS
• Range of Payment API's
• Dedicated Account Managers
• Worldwide coverage for Mobile Payments

Future of Mobile Payments

txtNation are leading the way in Direct Operator Billing. i.e. one-click, high payout billing for the mobile device, successfully connecting to over 14 mobile operators (and growing) to facilitate this billing type.

The future will herald many forms of mobile payments. From one-click direct operator billing to NFC payments. All types, past and present will have a roll to play in this fast moving market place.

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