SMS Billing

SMS Billing

SMS Billing. Premium Billing for mobile

SMS Billing is an unbeatable mobile billing solution due to the easy and enticing nature of the type of payment and it also provides instant billing in real time with no forms to fill out, enabling all users who have mobile phones. Premium SMS Billing has been proven time and time again to convert more than other methods of payment in both spaces - online and via the mobile websites.

Advantages of using txtNation for your SMS Billing needs:

• Select Shared or Dedicated SMS Billing Short Codes on demand
• SMS Billing is part of all our products
• Instant real time statistics and API access to connect to enable multiple markets for SMS Billing
• Dedicated Account Mangers socializing in SMS Billing
• Worldwide coverage for SMS Payments
• Highest payouts in the industry 

SMS Billing powering mobile payment programs

txtNation are a tier one, directly connected mobile aggregator serving up multiple markets worldwide. We provide all clients with a comprehensive SLA and uptime guarantee enabling the facilitation of millions of SMS Billing transactions, daily.

SMS Billing is available on a shared short-code or dedicated short-code basis on request. We can also provide Direct Carrier Billing in several markets alongside SMS payment options.

To learn more about SMS Billing, contact us.