SMS Gateway Software


SMS Gateway Software

Setting up and connecting to our platform is possible in multiple ways. Using our SMS Gateway Software enables you to route messages globally on demand. Send Bulk SMS messages anywhere in the world at the click of a button and track your results in real time. 

Using our SMS Gateway Software you can enable your business to, as examples:

• Broadcast appointment alerts and reminders.
• Send alerts and notifications for service outages.
• Send customers offers and discounts.
• Send employees information updates.
• Notify when orders have been posted.

Our SMS Gateway Software is reliable, cost effective and fast as we connect to multiple operators (via our tier-one, direct operator connections) around the world.

Our flagship, SMS Gateway Software also supports the following IP / API related connections:

• HTTP, SMPP, SMTP connectivity.
• HTTP / XML connectivity.
• Online Control Panel for sending and receiving of SMS messages. 

High throughout messaging from leading SMS Gateway Software

In this era of on demand information, the ability to send high volumes of SMS messages to groups of users has never been more critical. txtNation enable business to not only process messages via bulk in milliseconds, but also schedule via our SMS Gateway Software, when to deliver the messages. 

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