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txtNation Gateway is our Mobile Billing and Messaging - Gateway, empowering you to create your own mobile messaging and billing solutions on top of our robust SMS Gateway. As a mobile aggregator we provide a comprehensive API, so you can send and receive premium and non-premium messages in a range of scenarios. 

Bulletproof SMS Aggregator

Alert your customers with an SMS to confirm their order. Create a service that sends periodic messages to subscribers. Charge for virtual goods and services by Premium SMS or Direct Operator Billing. Add value to your existing services by finding new revenue streams or ways to extend your branding via messaging. 

We supply one-way and two-way SMS, MMS, virtual numbers across our SMS Aggregator based platform. Access to our global network of low-cost shared shortcodes and deluxe dedicated shortcodes. 

Award Winning, SMS Gateway Provider

Through our direct connections with major mobile operators, txtNation Gateway is your single entry point for exchanging all types of messages with virtually all mobile users - any time, anywhere. Our SMS Gateway enables billing, bulk and non-premium messaging. For those that need USSD Messaging capability, our USSD Gateway can provide secure and fluid messaging. 

Ideal for
Technically-minded entrepreneurs or businesses with in-house development teams who want to build their own mobile-related services utilizing SMS, MMS for one-time campaigns, subscription services and a range of other scenarios. Our API allows you to interface securely with our in-house messaging and billing systems.
Also try
If building your own messaging service is too complex, we have a range of pre-built solutions that may be more appropriate. For boosting your brand with voting, subscription and mass sending of SMS, you can use mFUSION. For charging for services online using traditional, alternative and SMS billing try JunglePay.
Next steps
Whether you are at the initial planning stage or are looking for access to advanced messaging and billing functionality right away, talk to our team for further information. We will be pleased to provide phone or email consultation to help you fit txtNation Gateway, using our SMS Gateway into your project.

The txtNation advantage - Beyond an SMS Gateway.

Built on our award winning SMS gateway - the collection of technologies that enable you to send and receive text messages, and charge for services online or by mobile. There are a number of features on our platform that are common to all our solutions. 

The fact is that once you sign up for one or more of our solutions, you are accessing a world of features that play an important part as the foundation for all that you do throughout your time with us. 

We take the development of these core features very seriously; they really are at the heart of what we do and of what we will become. We continue to invest in these features financially and intellectually. They make txtNation, txtNation. 

Mobile Billing and Messaging

Each of our solutions is developed separately according to its unique characteristics and the client feedback we actively collect. A range of powerful, shared features powers each solution behind-the-scenes. 

These features make up our platform, the foundation of our relationship with you. Find out more about our platform by navigating through the sections on the right.