Full analytics, in-depth reporting and much more.

Stay in control of your mobile billing and messaging services with the MytxtNation Web Panel, with full analytics, in-depth reporting and much, much more.


Our online statistics, control and accounting platform has been born out of the need to track, organise and analyse mobile billing and messaging campaigns.

We’ve designed our new Control Panel to make every client’s account clearer and more responsive, putting financial and messaging data front-and-centre.

See our Mobile Billing Features and our Messaging Features.



Through MytxtNation, you can track your balance and activity for mobile billing. You can see how your payment campaigns are performing.

Split into balance and activity, this section of Online Panel shows you how much money you have made (by country, network) and how many billed messages have been sent and received.

Take a look our Blog for Mobile Billing Insights, across Direct Billing, Premium SMS, Payforit and more.

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‘Insights’ allows clients to view all Mobile Billing activity across Direct Billing and Premium SMS services in much more detail than ever before.

Our ‘Insights’ analytics tool provides a unified view of your Mobile Billing performance, your customers, what they are buying and how much they are spending.

Success rates and delivery reports broken down into type across all DLR’s and works across all API’s for Bulk Messaging.

All available status types of delivery reports are shown.

Subscriber Insights

You can search for an end user or transaction and get a full payment breakdown over the subscription period.

View attempted billing, total user spend and failed billing to a particular user.

User Spend

View projected user spend.

Billing Network Success Rate

Billing success delivery or billing report by network.

Timeline of Billing

You can also view a timeline of billing.

Churn Rate

Measuring how many users decide to continue paying for a subscription, what is the average length of a mobile billing subscription and the lifetime value of a customer allows you to evaluate the performance of your marketing.


Available across all countries with Mobile Billing. Shows the Average Revenue Per User, per market.



Take control of your SMS messaging and marketing campaigns with our Online Panel. Our messaging section allows you to track your activity.

You can track your delivery rates by country, network and delivery reports, allowing you to see if and how often your users are receiving your messages. Our mobile messaging analytics platform is extremely powerful, enabling you to make the most of your mobile marketing.

Take a look our Blog for Mobile Messaging Insights across Bulk SMS, Std Rate and Free to User.

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Search for any MSISDN and you can now see a full A to Z of interaction.

All available status types of delivery reports are shown.

Check each route for success by network.

Check each route for success by country.

Get a overview of what countries are performing best.

Get an in-depth breakdown of your delivery reports.


A few clicks. And you're done.

Whatever solution you require, you are likely to use our control panel to access that solution's main features. The control panel centralises all of our solutions in one place, making it convenient to modify your campaigns and check your account balance.

For some solutions, particularly bespoke development, you may have your own admin area but, in most cases, the control panel is the destination for making changes to your service.


Configure and set-up

Most solutions require only limited configuration, which may involve adding in details about your server, setting price points for your services or uploading content.

With pre-built (non-API) solutions such as mFUSION and JunglePay, the JunglePay Wizard will guide you step-by-step to create your own payment service. You can choose exactly how you want the JunglePay window to operate.

As well as service options, you can also keep track of your campaign's success. See how many messages your customers have replied to, download revenue reports, and request payment of those revenues to your bank.

The control panel can aid every aspect of your service. We recognise how important the control panel is in making your txtNation life easier.



The API section of MytxtNation allows you to see the APIs you are currently using and to request access to use other APIs including HTTP, XML and SMPP.

Wholesale clients can be connected on SS7 on request.



Stay up to date with the latest support tickets, market information, technical updates and speak directly to our support team through MytxtNation.


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