4T is the joint mobile billing initiative from the mobile operators in Denmark and Norway.

4T mobile payment provides Direct Operator Billing that works across all internet connections and with all of the mobile networks.

Billing the mobile subscriber takes only a couple of steps and provides secure payments that can be one time or subscription based.

Direct Operator Billing with 4T is the next billing type up from Premium SMS. Norwegian operators, have titled their consumer mobile billing brand, Strex and Denmark operators, Paii.

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Strex Mobile Billing Norway

For mobile subscribers on WiFi they simply have to enter their mobile number, receive a PIN and redeem it to be billed.

If the mobile subscriber is on a mobile data connection, then they simply have to click a payment button to pay or use USSD as an OTP.

Our 4T Direct Billing API is fully documented and easy to integrate with your systems. We offer full technical support to help you get set up.

4T mobile payments provides fast, easy purchases on the web or mobile web and merchants can benefit from a simple to use API.

If you are looking for a non-technical option, we offer JunglePay, our plug-and-pay option.

4T provides extensive customisation with its payment flow.

To read more on 4T, including any technical details, billing flows and API information please visit our Gateway website.

Account Management

We offer dedicated, ongoing account management to help you get the most out of 4T.


4T is part of the Danish and Norwegian mobile payments initiative.


We offer 'Single-Click' payments for users, instant operator billing.

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