Easypay is the Direct Operator Billing solution from Swisscom in Switzerland.

Easypay is simple and secure Direct Billing from Swisscom enabling web and mobile web payments.

Easypay allows customers to pay for content without any personal mobile subscriber details other than the MSISDN being disclosed. It is not necessary for the customer to register.


If the mobile subscriber is on WiFi they simply enter their mobile number, receive a PIN to their handset and redeem it to be billed.

For mobile subscribers that are on a mobile data connection, then they simply have to click a payment button to pay!

Our Easypay Direct Billing API is fully documented and easy to integrate with your systems. We offer full technical support to help you get set up.

Customers confirm every purchase they complete on the Easypay checkout page which lists all important details such as content, provider, price, etc.

Easypay acknowledges every subscription purchase by sending a free SMS message. Customers are also sent an SMS confirmation before a subscription may expire and after cancelling their subscription.

If you are looking for a non-technical option, we offer JunglePay, our plug-and-pay option.

Account Management

We offer dedicated, ongoing account management to help you get the most out of Easypay.


Easypay is part of Swisscom. Other networks in Switzerland are billed as Premium SMS.


We offer 'Single-Click' billing for users, instant payments.

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