Mobile Payments in Russia with Single-Click functionality through mPayment.

mPayment is the Russian mobile networks alliance for Direct Operator Billing, across the three main mobile networks.

Though Direct Operator Billing, users can pay for most types of content and services online, via a mobile or website.

Russian Direct Operator Billing works across Beeline, MTS and Megafon subscriptions and for both contract and pay-as-you-go customers. MTS supports Single-Click payments via MSISDN Forwarding (also known as Header Enrichment). Other mobile networks are billed on Premium SMS.

Direct Operator Billing Russia

If the mobile subscriber is on WiFi they simply have to enter their mobile number, receive a PIN and redeem it to be billed.

For mobile subscribers that are on a mobile data connection, then they simply have to click a payment button to pay!

mPayment enables quick Direct Billing, resolving the mobile subscribers mobile number to bill via sending a debit request back into the mPayment platform.

mPayments is avalable via the txtNation API.

If you are looking for a non-technical option option, we offer JunglePay, our plug-and-pay option.

Account Management

We offer dedicated, ongoing account management to help you get the most out of Russia Direct Billing.


Russia Direct Billing is available across 3 main networks. Other networks are billed as Premium SMS.


We offer 'Single-Click' billing for users, instant payments on MTS network.

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