Drive customer loyalty and repeat purchases with the seamless and trusted mobile billing solution for Sweden.

Formed by T4 Sverige, the joint venture between all the Swedish mobile networks, WyWallet is the trusted mobile payments solution in Sweden.

txtNation provides Direct Operator Billing through WyWallet, across all major mobile networks in Sweden.

WyWallet offers a completely customisable appearance, allowing you to give users the best possible journey through their purchase.

On first payment, the mobile subscriber enters their phone number, receives an SMS with a one-time password or PIN number. They then enter that to confirm purchase. A cookie is stored on their device to speed up future purchases.

On the second payment, the subscribers mobile number is stored, meaning they do not need to enter it again, allowing for 'Single-Click' payment and high retention rates.

Our WyWallet API is fully documented and easy to integrate with your systems. We offer full technical support to help you get set up.

If you are looking for a non-technical option, we offer JunglePay, our plug-and-pay option.

WyWallet is the de-facto standard for mobile billing in Sweden due to its ease of use and cross operator coverage. WyWallet uses SMS Short Codes for receipt messages.

To read more on WyWallet, including any technical details, billing flows and API information please visit our Gateway website.

Account Management

We offer dedicated, ongoing account management to help you get the most out of WyWallet.


WyWallet was formed by T4 Sverige. We are able to offer this service, due to our direct connections with all major Swedish networks.


We provide 'Single-Click' billing for users, after their first payment.

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