Virtual Mobile Numbers

Receive high volumes of incoming SMS messages, with our highly reliable Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) solution.

With a Virtual Mobile Number you are given a number that can receive SMS messages, which are forwarded to your server. The information received is captured by the SMS application. The service can be combined with Bulk SMS for two-way communication, enabling you to build true interactive mobile campaigns.

Our inbound numbers connect your services to the outside world. Choose your numbers from one of our ranges that are available in over 30 countries and all the messages sent from your users will be delivered to you over our API.

A Virtual Mobile Number is the ideal solution for SMS-driven interactive applications, services and advertising promotions.

Our Virtual Mobile Number API is easy to integrate into your software.

Using our API, incoming SMS messages are routed from the mobile operator to us, which also allows for a very high volume of messages to be handled.

Users simply send a text message to a mobile number. The nature of this solution allows for high volumes of messages, for increased reliability.

With Virtual Mobile Numbers, your customers send SMS messages to this mobile number and the information is captured by the SMS application.

txtNation can provide you with a range of APIs (HTTP or SMPP) to facilitate inbound numbers. Set up SMS Virtual Mobile Numbers from our Gateway in minutes.

To read more on our Virtual Mobile Numbers, including any technical details and API information please visit our Gateway website.

Account Management

We offer dedicated, ongoing account management to help you make the most of our Virtual Numbers.


We have direct connectivity with many networks and over 10 years of experience in the industry, so are the most trusted provider of mobile messaging solutions.

Great User Experience

Our Virtual Mobile Number solutions are reliable and built for high throughput. Local numbers, globally.


Scripts for receiving SMS messaging. Choose from our ready-made scripting languages, which offer simple modification and the ability to receive SMS messages via Long Codes (Virtual Mobile Numbers), Short Codes or Virtual SIM.

Virtual Mobile Number Coverage

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