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Mobile Billing

Mobile Billing


All about txtNation's control panel, MytxtNation.

How To Guides

We show you how to make the most of our services for your mobile billing and messaging projects.

Short Code Billing (P-SMS)

Accept mobile payments through Premium SMS, enabling your customers to send a text message to a shortcode and be charged to their mobile contract or credit.

Bulk SMS Gateway

From small and medium sized business to large, our Bulk SMS business solutions will transform your communication - by informing your customers and suppliers of time critical information via SMS messaging.


Information for journalists about txtNation, the award-winning provider of mobile billing and messaging solutions.

Company Profile

txtNation Company Profile for Journalists.



Mobile Messaging

Mobile Messaging

MSISDN Forwarding (WAP Billing)

MSISDN Forwarding enables the user's mobile number to be detected, allowing them to pay by mobile without having to enter any information.

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Our coverage of which includes Premium SMS, offers impressive access to millions of consumers.

Case Studies

txtNation Case Studies. Find out who we have worked with for mobile billing and messaging campaigns.


Privacy Policy

txtNation Privacy Policy


Wholesale SMS

Wholesale SMS, txtNation SS7, txtNation Hub and txtNation SMPP.

Gateway Receive SMS


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Standard Rate SMS

SMS Short codes. Standard Rate SMS. Two way mobile campaigns. Accept audience participation for your brand and look to monetise on the back of your Business SMS services.

Integration & Support

How txtNation supports you through the integration process.



Banners and Buttons

Business SMS

Business SMS, Bulk SMS,

Bulk SMS Gateway

Bulk SMS Gateway




Improve conversion rates and increase loyalty by allowing your customers in Sweden to pay by mobile with WyWallet.

Free To User SMS

Free to user SMS Short code. Build engagement with your customers by enabling them to contact you by text message for free.


txtNation is an award-winning, tier one aggregator across mobile billing and mobile messaging.


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Payforit Mobile Billing

Payforit, Mobile Billing Services, UK Pay For It


OTP SMS. One-time passwords on SMS or USSD!

Gateway Send SMS


USSD Notifications

txtNation offers a USSD messaging gateway to enable development and full operation of USSD services over existing networks.

Working with Us

The step by step process of working with txtNation


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Easypay from Swisscom enables Direct Operator Billing and Single-Click mobile payments.

SMS Service

SMS Service


Solutions Inner

USSD Menus

Our USSD Menu Gateway enables businesses to facilitate real-time communication between themselves and their mobile subscribers.


Take advantage of our rates by porting your number to us.

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4T from Denmark and Norway enables Direct Operator Billing and Single-Click mobile payments.

SMS Messaging

SMS Messaging

Solutions Outer

Virtual Mobile Numbers

A Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) is used to receive incoming SMS messages. It exists only in the mobile network. Incoming text messages are routed straight from the network to us, which also allows for a very high volume of messages to be handled

Charge to Bill

Charge to Bill - Mobile from Vodafone and O2 enables Direct Operator Billing.

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway, SMS Aggregator, Mobile Aggregator, SMS Gateways

Landing Page

HLR Number Lookup

HLR Number Lookups clean your mobile data lists, making it cheaper for you.


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Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments


SMS Gateway Features, txtNation

Real Time Number Lookup

With a Real Time Number Lookup you can get an enhanced lookups service, showing you extra detail about an end-user.


mPayment, Direct operator billing Russia

Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment


Testimonials page

VLR Number Lookup

A Visitor Location Register Lookup finds the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) and the MSISDN of which helps to interpret the location of the mobile subscriber.

SMS Gateway Software

SMS Gateway Software

Turkcell Ödeme

Turkcell Ödeme, Turkcell Mobile Payment

OBS Online Billing

South Africa OBS, Direct Operator Billing, Mobile Online Billing South Africa, Silent Billing South Africa, Mobile Billing Vodacom, OBS Vodacom


Documentation and guides for using txtNation's mobile billing and messaging services.

Web Optimised Payments

Web optimised payments allow for users to pay for products and services on the their computers, being charged to their mobile contract or pre-paid credit.

Data Lists

Our mobile SMS data lists allow you to take advantage of pre-approved end-users who are happy to receive targeted information. We use some of the most trusted data list providers and negotiate a competitive price for targeted data.

Premium Rate SMS

Premium Rate SMS

About Us

About txtNation


mFUSION brings together a range of industry leading mobile marketing and SMS campaign messaging tools to extend your brand and open up new revenue streams.

Bulk SMS Provider

Bulk SMS Provider

Voice Short Codes

Voice Short Codes


In-App Billing

With In-App Billing, Micro-payments for one time Mobile Payments and (Premium SMS) Subscription services are easily set up based on a recurrent time period.

SMS Billing

SMS Billing


JunglePay is a streamlined mobile payment platform. With simple integration into your website, mobile site or application, JunglePay allows you to charge for services via SMS payments, credit card and over the IVR payments (phone billing).

Direct Operator Billing

Direct Operator Billing

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